Signs, Banners and Graphics by Sure Print

In the early 90's I started out doing vinyl cutting and application. Hence, signage services still make up a substantial part of my offerings locally.

Signs and Graphics Services by Sure Print

Vehicle/Truck Graphics and Branding: Using 5 year vinyl we either cut or/and print your desired branding and apply the graphics to your vehicle/truck etc.

Cromadeck Galvanized Steel Frame Signs: We have the frame made up to size then we have the cromadeck wrapped and riveted to the frame for a clean rivetless appearance.

Light boxes and Neon Signs in Electro luminescence or Traditional: Light boxes have undergone incredible advancement with the local availability of electro luminenscence. This new technology has replaced much of the traditional light box and neon signage demands.

Most popular applications for adhesive vinyl graphics, large format digital printing.

Often vinyl cut graphics and large format digital print can be combined on most substrates.

  • Vinyl Cut Graphics
    This is still the most popular medium in out door signage. Its durable and good quality 5 year vinyl out lasts a digital print sign by a good margin.
  • Vehicle & Truck Branding
    For vehicles we primarily use or reccomend a 5 year vinyl. This is the most cost effective branding on a vehicle. From R400 a vehicle can have two colour branding on both doors.
  • Banner Printing
    Now days digitally printed banners are more popular as they are not expected to have a lengthy outdoor life span. We have eyelits placed strategically for easy mounting..
  • Large Format Printed Signage
    To add durability we can add a UV resistant coat to maintain colour vibrance for longer.
  • Signage Substrates
    This is a vast arena, and of late things like cotton and carpets are all options. Traditional substrates are still dominant due to their outdoor resiliance.
  • electroluminescence
    EL panel technology is fast becoming the preferred medium for premium billboards. High visibility, durable and lightweight. Applications on everything form T-Shirts to large scale bill boards are available.

Vinyl Cut Graphics

Adhesive vinyl graphics are the most popular form of branding for majority of signs and vehicles, be they trucks or regular vehicles. A simply but well branded vehicle can do wonders as a mobile billboard type of entity on the road. Your brand is promoted daily in general day to day commute for free.

Vehicle branding ranges in price, and vinyl cut graphics are the most economical. For the cost of about R600 you can have two door sides of a vehicle branded in 2 colours. It is a quick process that can be done while you wait.