Print Brokers/Buyers... Why not go direct.

Time is precious and the read below is long... so the short answer is; The same reason we use an insurance broker for our medical aids, investments etc.

Premium Business Cards


300gsm A-Grade business card board

70 micron Cold Matt Laminate

Spot Varnish

Litho Print

High quality business cards that make a statement. Add rounded corners and you have that “extra edge”.

Business Card ASAP


Digital Print to highest quality available

Shipped next business day

300 gsm Board

Full colour

Double sided option

A decent quality business card supply to tie one over while awaiting delivery of our premium Lithographic printed business cards.


Litho Print Brokering Services

Some people are very apprehensive about using a print broker. It’s a natural assumption that, if a middleman is involved, print is bound to cost more, take longer and be more problematic; due to the extra piece of the chain. Yet most of us think nothing of using a broker to get a better deal on our car or household insurance because we know it avoids having to contact a dozen insurance companies ourselves! The principle with a print broker is exactly the same.

So assuming your print broker(be that a person or an on-line print service) is doing their job properly; you should find:

  • Your print should cost less – because your broker has greater buying power and wider knowledge of where to place each job. For example, a print job best suited to a B1 press can rarely be run as competitively on a smaller B2 or SRA3. If your local printer does not a B1 press they’re unlikely to be able to provide the best price for that particular job. Your broker, on the other hand, can use his or her contacts to match your job to the most cost-effective press and finishing process.
  • Your print should reach you faster – because your broker is constantly monitoring the progress of every job and, where necessary, monitoring the print process.
  • The range of printed materials from ‘under a brokers roof’ is much greater. In addition to brochures, leaflets, folders and forms, your broker should be able to supply a range of items and services – like stickers, perfect binding, manuals, presentation folders, exhibition stands and promotional goods – at competitive prices.
  • Service is better and the risk of problems minimized. Your broker is continually checking for accuracy and potential pitfalls at each stage of your job. So, if a problem does occur, he or she acts on your behalf to ensure you don’t end up paying for something you shouldn’t.
  • Quality is assured. No print brokers worth their salt will use printers that can’t produce work of a very high standard. Many printers to the trade will be trade-only print houses with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, often operating 24/7 and out of the ‘loop’ of the general marketplace. Your broker can also check and monitor all production processes and materials to ensure consistency of your corporate image and colours.