Why and when laser?

We can not deny that digital print has come a long way. We even use it for many of our short run emergency print orders. It has a very strong and esablished place in the printing industry.

If you want best quality Lithographic offset print is always best.

If you need cards within the hour the laser is your only alternative. As far as cost goes, 500 or more cards are cheaper on Litho. For up to a 100 cards, use a “Copy-Shop”… But be warned your cards will not look professional as those coming off a offset litho press.

Generally I would say always go for Litho, when a customer/client see’s you have gone the extra mile for your image it instills a confidence in your abilities to carry out your functions or tasks professionaly.

The solution and answer to this print dilemma is….

In short, plan ahead and do not use laser print. Business cards (or any other kind of print for that matter) looks far more professional in lithographic print than in digital.