Printing in Durban, Pietermaritzburg & KZN

Affordable Litho & Digital Printing Solutions for South Africa in fact. With the low cost of courier fee's we print for clients all over the country.

Lithographic Leaflets & Business Cards: Printed on “shared” or brokered print runs, you the reseller gets a favourable rate that ensures you can compete with any other printer offering the same services or products.

Raised or Thermographic Printing: This form of specialized printing is a growing concern. It has a pronounced impact and is best used in artwork that has distinct separations/colour fills. The ink “raises” as if been baked.

Digital Printing: In the form of large format(upto 11 meters wide in grand format) usually for signs or banners or laser print for small leaflet or business card runs, its a great solution for jobs requiring very fast turn around.
Main Products that pertain to Litho/Thermo or Digital Formats

Obviously there is room for improvisation and mixing up in the specifications below.

Business Cards

Usually Litho, but in many instances digital when fast turn around is required.

Leaflets and Brochures

Digital supports shorter quantities, however litho is most cost effective with leaflets.

Folders and Trade Presenters

Quantities over 500 are for litho, and 100 or less runs well on digital format.

Banners, A-frames and Pull-up Banners

See our sign services for these products, usually digital print but vinyl cut solutions are also popular.

Indoor Display Units

Almost exclusively digital large format printing is used in this field.

Bill Board print and manufacture

This is exclusively based on Grand Format print now days, see our sign section of this site or contact us for more information.

Spot and Pantone Colours

This is a difficult aspect of digital print, and we will take jobs requiring this to litho invariably.

Invoice, and Duplicate/Triplicate Transaction Books

Litho graphic with numbering. Avalailable from A6 to A4.


Digital print can be a solution here for small numbers, however litho is preferred and quantities favoured are 2500 upwards.